So I have a really big problem, everybody.

I'm sort of obsessed with the news.


Making a move: So hey, I'm heading somewhere else, guys.

Fans of announcements, this post is for you.

After three and a half years hanging my hat at the Washington Post Express, I’ve decided to make a move to TMG Custom Media, where I’ll be doing some really cool social media/curation work for one of their upcoming publications. It’s gonna be fun.

Had a lot of fun at Express — and made a lot of great friends. (And to the bemusement of Adam Sapiro, made a lot of bad puns.) Newspapers have been good to me over the past eight years. But it feels like a good time to head in a different direction. I start in a few weeks.

And yes, ShortFormBlog is staying put. Trust me. :)

You read it here first. Thanks to everyone that made my time at Express awesome. *end scene*